Sunny & the Heat



Following an open jam session at a local bar in the early 1980s, Bassist Jeff "Sunny" Sunstrom and Guitarist Paul Garvey were discussing their mutual appreciation for stripped down American roots rock n' roll, anything from Stax/Volt Records, Booker T. & the MGs, and Chuck Berry. This was the beginning of their long time friendship and musical relationship spanning more than two decades. It was also the beginning of the evolution which would eventually become Sunny & the Heat.

With the addition veteran drummer Kevin Carey, the three musicians played the local clubs together forging a tight musical backbone to their current project. In 2006, with the addition of Melissa Fields (Sunstrom) on lead vocals, Sunny & the Heat was refashioned and reformed. The unique father/daughter relationship between Melissa and Jeff introduces a fresh new direction with Jeff's solid musicianship and Melissa's fun-loving spirit and astute singing ability.  This relationship has also created the debate as to which one really is "Sunny" of Sunny & the Heat.

Despite their verve and enthusiasm for vintage gear and rock nostalgia, Sunny & the Heat is decidedly devoted to traditional pop music. Playing live has always been their primary medium. Musically, they can pull off just about any style imaginable—rockabilly, funk, soul, country, rock or blues. Sunny & the Heat plays many straight top 40 covers, yet much of their homage to the greats lies in their chosen colorful harmonies and subtle chord structures. This is a band that MUST be seen live!